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SharpShooter3D is a first-person subculture shooter in the best old school traditions.
Burn! Destroy! Kill! Kill! Kill!
When corrupt politicians look only for their own benefit, marginalized drug addicts go crazy, and the world consumes insanity, only the maddest madmen can stop this nightmare.

Seemingly ordinary trip to the neighboring country South-Slovenko ended for our heroes with unbelievable and brutal consequences.
When the best friend becomes an enemy, and the main villain becomes you yourself and blood flows like a river, someone will definitely have to answer the main question...
Who is behind the awakening of ancient evil and is there still a chance for humanity?
Welcome to the world of Sharpshooter3D.
Welcome home!



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broo this game is amazinnnngggg, need more of thisss

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love it ! Thx ..neeeeed mooore

Nice to hear it!

Прошел игру практически полностью. Но вдруг она просто вылетела, а все сэйфы слетели . Проходить заново нет желания. Кто знает, можно ли как-то загрузить определенный уровень? Я знаю, что раньше у игры была консоль, но сейчас я почему-то не могу ее активировать


эй, мне понравилась твоя игра, я уже закончил 3 раза, есть ли шанс на выход какого-нибудь расширения?

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В разработке вторая часть и новый проект от нашей студии

After you jump off building how do you get past old lady in apartment

She is undead bit#h. If you stand next of her door, go to the left and upstair

but where do you go next? there doesnt seem to be anywhere to go upstairs except and apartment that has nothing in it


Find a secret button, like a blood hand


Все бы прекрасно, только вот симулятором Антифы я бы это не назвал. Герои же сражаются с реальной тиранией, плюс к тому игра не включает избиение стариков и женщин тупыми предметами...

Deleted 200 days ago


SharpShooter part, first trailer

Проект и вправду интересный, симулятор бунтов в Белоруссии так сказатб.

Deleted 186 days ago

Go to your Sharpshooter3D folder. Open up your gzdoom-[username].ini. Find line "vid_saturation=0". Replace 0 with 1. Save. Done.

Fantastically obscene and trashy, loved it.

Our new project coming soon, dont miss it

Dude this game is such a good play if your at home for a while love the game bro keep up the work.

Nice to hear it!

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LOL, nice XD


I love this game :)





how to turn on colors?

not sure what to do in the 'get home' level. 

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Follow this guide, this game has a bunch of annoying features that you can fix. This steam guide will bring colors when running the game in OpenGL and will help you improve the framerate.


this guide will teach you on how to play a specific level.


Also, the game section you're in, just get on top of the van you see there on the left of the building


(jump on van) oooooh! Thanks! And thanks for all the other info too!

happy to help