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SharpShooter3D is a first-person subculture shooter in the best old school traditions.
Burn! Destroy! Kill! Kill! Kill!
When corrupt politicians look only for their own benefit, marginalized drug addicts go crazy, and the world consumes insanity, only the maddest madmen can stop this nightmare.

Seemingly ordinary trip to the neighboring country South-Slovenko ended for our heroes with unbelievable and brutal consequences.
When the best friend becomes an enemy, and the main villain becomes you yourself and blood flows like a river, someone will definitely have to answer the main question...
Who is behind the awakening of ancient evil and is there still a chance for humanity?
Welcome to the world of Sharpshooter3D.
Welcome home!


Updated 14 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(46 total ratings)
GenreAction, Shooter
Tags3D, First-Person, FPS, Retro, retrofps, riot, Singleplayer


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Is there any way to use a rendering API other than software acceleration? The stretching when I look up and down is nauseating. The OpenGL renderer makes everything black and white.


есть баг при котором персонаж приходя домой не начинает игру как это было в старой версии пишется ошибка скрипта 1


Шарп мусор.
Баг на баге багом погоняет, застрял в первой же миссии в туалете не смог ходить, потом игра не загрузила уровень с поездом, и в итоге у меня что то с картиной где герой ловит глюки, у меня этого нету, дверь закрывается и все я заперт...
Как можно было допустить столько багов на таком простом движке просто невероятно,только наши могли такое сделать.

они апрейдинг делают и extreme edition доделывают неделю назад выкатили обнову в первой миссии, а то что дверь закрывается не доделки они пост в инсте с 2 частью выкатили


Мусор це ти.


вы крутые 6 раз переигрываю шарпшутер


This game is so perfect

i think i asked this already but ive seen it got updated just rn lol

whats the new update?

what’s new to the extreme edition?

New locations and some new things.


Absolutely love this game

Need more of this studio

Thanks a lot, our new project on final state


i cant complete the mission to go home because when i enter at home the door close behind me and i cant go out and i cant complete the mission




did you progress yet? i have the same problem


Same thing with me

whats the new update?

this game is very great but it would be better if there were a free play mode

because doing the missions all over again isnt very fun.

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You can run levels by the console, just like in Doom.


This game was too good that i recommend for ukrainians Keep it up!

Дякую друже

Is this game safe? Because everytime I tried to launch it, it said that it had a virus.

it is

its safe, the thing that ur pc said was a false positive or something lolz


made with blood sweat and tears. best game in the world. so much fun!!

Who is the boss meant to be?

Putin, who is an Elder Thing from Lovecraft's universe

Putin the lovecraftian eldritch terror i think

Is Sharpshooter 2 still coming out?


As a Slav I love this game. Have played before the Steam version and I'm glad that the game is still on itch.io. It describes post soviet depressing environment perfectly and I'm sad that there are not many other games which put the player in this setting.


Love this game

hi dev, i have mission go home but doors stuck and i cant go any further can you please fix this (im paying sharpshooter extreme edition)


You need to find another way in this moment.

any chance to see a mac os version?

Unfortunately not. We are working on our new project, and doesnt have enough time for keep upgrading SS3D.

its not that bad


Nice to hear it. Our new project coming soon

Este juego es increíble

Genuinely the best game ive played all year, so many twists and turns. Def play if your a fan of postal because this is postal on crack

Thanks a lot.


Это офигенная игра, сюжет, спрайты, текстуры довольно классно сделаны, правда я обосрался когда путина убивал, 10 из 10!


Praying for another project from the devs, game was absolutely amazing!

I would play this game but it says it has a virus in it :(

(1 edit)

What can i do w this?


best game i played in a long while


Such an amazing game! Especially for a free game! 10/10! such an amazing game filled with secrets that burns time, after playing this game 3 times and even beating it on its hardest difficulty. Every time I would start a new game i would find a new secret like a hidden weapon or a or secret rooms!  

How do you progress once in the mausoleum

nvm u interact with Lenin's body

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Saved games may disappear, so make sure you download content to your itch.io folde.


I would give my kidney for a sequel to this game. Good job developers this is one of my fav games!


хоть я и из Украины но все же, игра прикольная и стоит своих 59 грн (2 доллара) очень походит на дум, и вообще идея класная. жалко, что весь дагестан техологи снесли :( а так спасибо что залили игру на итч!


Very good game and a very original idea, and I love that you used a doom engine to make it because it fits the Russian style!

It's not the best game, but it's not that bad either, not to mention that it has a lot of glitches, I even had to leave the map to enter another part to continue the mission

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I need Help! On your way home you need to play this minigame before you can go further, and i when i go to the first elevator in the minigame, it doesnt go down

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